Monday, March 20, 2006

Storyteller Quotes

I should be fixing dinner, but I'm just not feeling up to it. Hope the family won't mind fast food yet again! A couple of qoutes from Orson Scott Card's Storyteller in Zion.

When we (we intellectuals, scholars, and artists, who have ingested great dollops of the wisdom of the world) take a poise outside the church, speaking as if our distance gave us greater perspective, we have crossed the river, taken the elevator, rented a room, and now lean out the windows of the great & spacious building, jeering at those who are trying to guide others to take hold of the iron rod.

It is not beause the charaters do evil that we find them interesting. We identify with them because we recognize both their good and evil desires in ourselves, and through their acts we learn the consequences of our own, as yet, unmade decisions.

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Anonymous said...

Bang on! Very true.