Thursday, March 26, 2009

As Shadows Fade

by Colleen Gleason

It just seems like a few months ago that Colleen's first book hit the blogosphere and already the Gardella Vampire Chronicles ends with book five, As Shadows Fade. Although I've been waiting with white knuckles for this book, it seems like the whole trip went just way too fast.

Most of you know that I'm not a romance reader and though these are found in the romance section of the bookstores they are so much more than romance. May I also insert that I think they are so much better than the Twilight series - better written and miles more interesting!

I'm sorry to see the story of Victoria, Sebastian and Max coming to an end. Others have reported that they liked how the series ends. I did too but I feel a little pang of sadness - for some of the characters, for the end of the series - probably both.

A comment concerning the cover: What is with that young, young boy standing behind Victoria? It can't be either Max or Sebastian! I picture those two as MEN, wiser and more self-assured than that BOY on the cover. That's my only complaint about this book. Oh, one more - it went too fast. Loved it!

Colleen so amply described a familiar feeling that I have never found the words to describe:
Victoria felt marginally better after her nap and a good meal, yet an angry, itchy sort of internal grumbling continued to nag at her.


Anonymous said...

I haven't even heard of this series! Where have I been??? You inspire me to broaden my reading. Truly.

I think I'm going to have to stop with the little sweaters for a while and while-away the hours reading the Gardella Vampire Chronicles.

I think the theme you are using for your blog is perfect. It reminds me of sitting in a Victorian library reading in a big leather chair. Deliciously delightful!!!!!!!!!!!

Bookfool said...

I so agree with you that this series is miles better than Twilight. I've never been the slightest bit tempted to continue with Stephanie Meyer's series, but Colleen's Gardella books were absolutely addictive. The ending of the series was definitely bittersweet.

I'm also so glad to know you agree with me about that cover boy. He's nothing at all like I picture Max or Sebastian. They're older, more mature and handsome but not "pretty boys" in my mind. Maybe if his face hadn't shown . . .

Kailana said...

I really need to read the last two books in this series! I just got slack.

As to the cover... Romance novels are not my 'normal' thing, so I have a hard time buying Colleen's novels because it means going into the romance section and all that. I always have to buy something else to go with it... I think the cover is eye-catching, but I do agree with your observation... Even though I am a bit behind in my reading of the series, the guy on the front doesn't look like either of the main men. I wouldn't like the cover anyway, though. Mind you, fantasy novels written by women are starting to go the same path and it is driving me crazy! And, I am off on a tangent here...

Staci said...

I read book one last year and have been meaning to finish this series! I missed out on meeting the author at a bookstore in Ann Arbor. REally bummed me out!! I'm glad you liked them all...I look forward to getting to know the characters again. And, I would agree with you about the Twilight comparison...way better!

Booklogged said...

Beverooni, you are too sweet. You're compliment about my blog made me feel so good. Thanks!

Bookfool, spoken like a REAL woman.

Kailana, I ordered mine online because, like you, I understand about going into the romance section of the bookstore. It's not my genre but I do love this series.

Staci, I would love to meet Colleen. Maybe you'll get to yet when she releases her next book.

Cassie said...

I went to her website and it looks like her next series is about Robin Hood and Marian. I read the exerpt in this last book and it sounds really promising.