Thursday, July 24, 2008

When Twilight Burns - Drawing for a Free Copy

I am currently immersed in Colleen Gleason's 4th book in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles. It is such a good place to be. The first couple chapters have refreshed my memories of what has happened to Victoria, Max and Sebastian. It's good to be back with old friends, but my concern for them is at a fever pitch.

Colleen writes a tight story full of suspense, mystery and romance all rolled in together. And no, you don't get all those items at the expense of plot. I love these books!

I want to pass on the fun of reading this series. To WIN a copy of WHEN TWILIGHT BURNS leave a comment to this post indicating this is the book you want to win.

That's not all . . . I will draw 2 other names to win their choice of one of the four books in the series. So you have two chances to win WHEN TWILIGHT BURNS or one chance to win THE REST FALLS AWAY, BLEEDING DUSK, or RISES THE NIGHT.

To win, just leave a comment letting me know which book you would like to win. Three books will be given away so your chances are good.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Odd Hours

by Dean Koontz

I'm finally getting around to writing a review for this book that I finished in June. It took me a month. A whole month! to read a Koontz novel. That's unheard of for me. I thought reading a Koontz would definitely shake me out of my reading lull, but it didn't. I'm still being a slug.

I thoroughly enjoyed Odd Hours, which is book four in the Odd Thomas series. Odd has taken up temporary residence in a small ocean side town where he feels there is something he needs to do. He meets some interesting people and prevents a catastrophic event.