Thursday, February 23, 2006

Leafing Through . . .

I have to say, this little exercise of writing about some of my favorite books has been very rewarding. The last few years I've kept a journal of most of the books I've read. In addition to the title and author, I try to record a few lines to remind me about the book. Often I copy some lines that reverberate with meaning for my life at the time. Sometimes I run across a particular discription or use of words that just pleases me and I get a few of those written down as well. Time is the main constraint. I think I've read 4-5 books recently that I haven't even written in my journal. I'll get to them, I will, I WILL!

Anyway, I've been having fun rummaging through the pages, reminding myself of some of the good books, quotes, ideas, etc. that had slipped my mind. I don't need to tell you that most of a book eases right out of my mind like a ghost through a door. Journals help with a mind like mine. (There are several really dumb, dumb books in my journal, too--I think I'll do a list of books I hated.)

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