Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Two New Mystery Series

Recently read two recommended mysteries. From Shaneen's list I read the first in the Kate Shugak mysteries, A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow. It's about an Aluit woman who is an investigator for the Anchorage District Attoney's Office. I'm interested to learn more about Kate and the people she is close to. I especially want to know more about her strained relationship with Jack.

Pam suggested A Body in the Belfry by Katherine Hall Page. Faith Fairchild is an unlikely heroine, but very likeable. She is married to a young minister and has a young baby, but neither stop her from searching for clues to the murder in her small Northeastern town. Here's a quote: "Tom would draw Robert out, unraveling the thread of his discontent, then help him knit it all back up into a more wearable garment."

Both books are the first in their series. Good for carrying in your purse and reading when you have a little snatch of time. I look forward to reading more of these series.


Myke Weber said...

This is, without doubt, the slickest blog out there! Very classy!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading a new book that I think both you and Myke would like. It's called "Between You and Me", by Mike Wallace. He talks about some of the interviews he's done through the years with background information and some of what happened next. Very interesting. Sorry, the President Hinckley isn't in there. I've got some great names for the name game now, but I'll never remember them.

Anonymous said...

I like the Katherine Hall Page series also. I find a lot of female sleuths are such busy bodies. It's so much trouble. That sets kate Shugak apart since she is so reluctant to get involved. What a hermit. I can identify.

julie said...

I have the hardest time reading your blog because I want to read ALL of the books you write about! I'm making a list of the ones I especially want to read, so that once I'm finished with school (17 days) I can start reading for fun again! (By the way, I'm so excited that you are coming down for my grad - I really appreciate it and look forward to seeing you).

Also, I love what you've done with your decorations! Someday you're going to have to teach me some of your tricks! :)