Saturday, May 13, 2006

Face Down Among the Winchester Geese (#3 in series)

by Kathy Lynn Emerson (read May 2006)
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Lotus Reads said...

I found your blog whilst doing a search for Meg Mullins' "Rug Merchant" which I am currently reading and I was struck by how aesthetically pleasing your blog is. I haven't had the opportunity to read any of the reviews yet, but I definitely plan to.

Lotus Reads said...

I'm back! I have sadly neglected the mystery novel for many years now. I am ashamed to say I last read one when I was in my early twenties and it was an Agatha Christie novel. If you were to pick just one mystery novel or even a mystery novel author for me, which one would it be? I sure would like to read something outside my comfort zone for a change. Thanks.

Booklogged said...

Welcome, Lotus. I can't tell you how much fun I've had reading your blog. I'm in the process of reading some of the links you've listed.

About mysteries: I think I can safely recommend the "Face Down" sereis by Kathy Lynn Emerson. The 3 I've read have been very interesting. The take place in the mid 16th century and feature Susanna, Lady Appleton. If you decide to read one, the 1st in the series is Face Down Upon the Marrow Bone Pie. Each successive book gets better. These are safe, cozy mysteries -- not too much violence and no sex scenes.

If you're looking for something with a little heavier stuff I would recommend From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz. Others by Koontz that I love are Odd Thomas and Forever Odd.

I also love Lisa Scottoline's Devil's Corner.

I know you asked for just one. I got carried away. If you're looking for a cozy historical: the "Face Down" series; something thrilling: Dean Koontz; or something inbetween the two other choices: Lisa Scottoline. Hope I've been helpful.

Lotus Reads said...

I've been enjoying your blog, too! I came upon it just by chance, so it was real lucky find for me.

These look like great suggestions, thank you so much. I am glad you picked out more than just one book for me to read, this way, I have more of a choice. All three look so appealing, but I might look for the Lisa Scottoline book first only because her writing seems to be more than just a safe mystery and yet, without the unrelentless suspense of a thriller. Going to put a reserve on it at the library now. Will tell you how I fare. Thanks so much!

Alyson said...

This series does sound very interesting. I like a good mystery. I really need to quit adding to my list of books to read. It will be overwhelming if I keep adding so much. Although, I have to say that I'm glad I've started reading more. I hope I keep it up when I go back to school; afterall, that's the reason I stopped reading so much in the first place.

julie said...

Hmm. This is why I enjoy your blog so much, I find out about all these interesting books! It's also why I had to stop reading your blog during school - I wanted to neglect my homework in order to read novels! I must get my love of mysteries from you. I love me a good mystery!

Lotus Reads said...

Since you were the first to turn me on to Lisa Scottoline, I thought you might be interested in this short article from the New York Times (May 25). This is just an excerpt from the article:

"Fox Television Studios and HarperCollins Publishers, both owned by the
News Corporation, said yesterday that they would begin developing
television shows based on the works of HarperCollins authors. They
will start with Lisa Scottoline, whose bestselling thrillers focus on
a group of female partners in the fictional law firm Rosato &

Cool, huh?

Booklogged said...

Thanks, Lotus. That's a show I'll be excited to watch. Hope they do it justice.