Friday, August 04, 2006

The Bronte Family

by Karen Smith Kenyon (read August 2006)
This is a very short book written for YAs, but it was still interesting. What an unbelievably sad life the Brontes had. I have questions about Branwell that I will need to do some internet searching to find answers, at least I hope I find the answers. Our library has a whole selection of these litte books that are called Lerner Biographies. I give this book a rating of 4.


Alyson said...

Sounds interesting. Did it give you all their real names. Isn't it the Bronte sisters who all uses psudonyms when writing?

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Hi Booklogged,
You are so right about the Brontes. I still stay intrigued especially with their walks on the moors, to this present day.
I read once that Emily Bronte was the most melancholy of all. She would walk into a room of watchful guests, take what she wanted and leave, without saying a word to anyone at all. Never forgot this.

Library Mama said...

I'm very interested in this series of Lerner Biographies. It sounds like a series that would go nicely in my school library.

Are all of the biographies about authors?

Great review!

bookwormaddict said...

Thanks for the comment!!! Yes I'd read it next if possible. It was this strange, beautiful crazy book and I wish I had my own copy!
Let me know how you like it.

bookwormaddict said...

Yes Second Nature and The Ice Queen so far are my faovrite HOffman books. I just had a friend Amelia read Ice Queen and she's new to HOffman and I think I have her hooked on her books now:)
Thanks for commenting!!! I've bookmarked your blog:)

Booklogged said...

About the Lerner Biographies - you can look them up on to get an idea of what they have. They are not all authors, in fact the diversity is good. There's Eisenhower, Pinkerton, Gandi, Chaplin to name a few.

Aly, it did mention their aliases - Currer Bell and E. Bell, I think.

Susan, Emily was melancholic, but so was Branwell, their brother.

library mama and bookworm, enjoy your blogs, your comments, and suggestions.

bookwormaddict said...

WOW another comment. Thanks:) You'll LOVE the book Thief!! It was amazing. I actually just checked out an earlier book written by the same author. I'll be sure to post a review when I'm done reading it:)
Write back soon!

bookwormaddict said...

Yep I just changed it since I felt it was more appropriate then me sticking my tongue out. BTW< what's your name if I can ask?? Do you have chat ability??

Anonymous said...

I took a course on the Brontes in university and loved it. It's amazing what talent came from this one family, especially considering how young they were. I highly recommend 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall' by Anne Bronte.

Booklogged said...

Thanks for the recommend, Lesley. Will add "Wildfell Hall" to my TBR.