Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Opposite of Fate

by Amy Tan (read Aug 2006)
Mom, Myke and I listened to some of this book on CD while driving to Fielding for Bradley's funeral. I listened to the rest of it while driving errands or at home working on projects. It was fun to listen to the author read her own work. This is an autobiographical work. Included are background information about several of her novels; a strained, but mended, relationship with her mother; the conflict in her home between faith and fate; her rise to fame; and many more varied and interesting aspects of her life. I have never read any of Tan's novels, always planned on it, but now I will definitely will. Mostly I want to read and watch the movie, The Joy Luck Club.
I rateThe Opposite of Fate a 5 out of 5. For an excellent review see Framed and Booked.


Cassie said...

I am really liking this book right now. Its very interesting. You should definitely watch the Joy Luck Club. I really like that movie. I want to read the book too. Everytime Tan mentions Barbara Kingsolver, I think of you.

Myke Weber said...

It is astonishing the variety of experiences Amy had in her youth. Great fodder for a novelist. I love her work and loved the portion of this one I got to hear.

Glad you finally got around to her. I liked The Bone Setter's Daughter better than the Joy Luck Club.

Heather said...

I vaguely remember reading this years ago. I think after reading about your experience with it that I should be adding it to my TBR Mountain! I think it needs a re-read.

Suzan Abrams, email: said...

Hi Booklogged,
I loved the Joy Luck Club. If you are into deep family relationships and the questions of identity, mixed up with a lot of atmostphere and colour, you will like this film.
I still watch it over and over sometimes, without getting bored.
Was going to ask you how you found The Opposite of Fate, then saw your rating.

Alyson said...

Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll listen to it on my next trip. Was it on CD. Who knew I would have such a problem not having a tape deck in my car. I usually get along just fine, but when it comes to finding a good book on CD it gets a little annoying.

Framed said...

So did you enjoy the story about the squirrels as much as I did?

Bellezza said...

What an awesome blog you have! I'm so glad to find you! I feel like I'm the only one who reads, I mean REALLY reads, sometimes. I like how you rate a book, and I know just what you mean by a 5 in literature but a 4 in mystery. I look forward to discussing books with you in the future...How fun to have teaching, and reading, and mothering in common.

Anonymous said...

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