Saturday, October 07, 2006

Face Down Across the Western Sea

by Kathy Lynn Emerson
Rating 2.5/5
I was so disappointed in this mystery, the seventh in the Susanna, Lady Appleton series. I have so enjoyed the earlier books. This one started out 'warbled' meaning to me that it was unclear and confusing. There was some really interesting historical facts, but the storyline wasn't the best. I would have decided not to read anymore books in the series, but I had the next sitting on the shelf and it was an interlibrary loan so I felt some obligation to. So I'm reading #8 right now. It's already more interesting. Whew!


Anonymous said...

How funny! I mentioned Emerson in my post today. You and I seem to wander so many of the same paths.

Haven't read "Western Sea" - but glad to know that the following one does get back on target!

Anonymous said...

Hi, booklogged - so happy #8 is turning out to be a better read. How many books in this series in all?

Booklogged said...

Jenclair, I've been over to your blog. It is interesting where one book leads us. So you've read this series, too. Did you enjoy it as much as I am, except for #7.

Lotus, there are 10 in the series - only 2 more and I'll be up to date. Then I can tie up some loose ends on other series I've started.

Framed said...

I have one of hers on my A to Z list. I believe you lent it to me. "Face Down Before Rebel Hooves" In my first twelve books, five are mysteries. Is Rebel Hooves the first in the series? I'd to read them out of order. Like I've never done that before.

Booklogged said...

Framed, Marrrow Bone Pie is the first. I lost it so could give it to you with the others. Still haven't found it, so I think I must have given it away right after I finsihed reading it. The library doesn't have it either. I bought it used on amazon. I think you'll really like Susanna.

Library Mama said...

Isn't that odd that #7 would be so unlike the others?

I'm so glad that you still gave #8 a try and found it "back on track".

It's so nice to come catch up with you. Your blog is always so interesting! Sounds like your BAFAB draw was a huge success! :-)

Booklogged said...

L.Mama, the BAFAB was a great success and much fun, too. Finished #8 and loved it.