Friday, February 23, 2007

Alice - Through the Looking Glass

by Lewis Carroll
I finished my last classics challenge book! Yeehaw! Whippee! I mean to tell you I had a hard time reading classics - five in a row - during Jan and Feb. If we do this challenge again it cannot be during Jan. I just wanted to snuggle up with some cozy mysteries and had to keep denying myself. It was horrible!

I did like Through the Looking Glass much better than Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Part of that might be because I actually sat down and read TLG in chunks. Wonderland I read a page or two at a time. I even have some favorite parts from the Looking Glass.

I enjoyed the conversation, if you can call it that, between Alice and Humpty Dumpy. My favorite part of the book was Alice's encounter with the White Knight. I read Gardner's Annotated Alice and there were lots of helpful comments.


SuziQoregon said...

Congrats on finishing :-)

Bookfool said...

That conversation with Humpty was pretty funny, all right! Congrats on finishing. :)