Monday, March 26, 2007

An Intervention Program is Needed

I know you are all sure that I'm totally addicted. I'm started to get a bit worried, as well. I think Piksea is working on an intervention program for me to cure me from my challenge addiction. (see comments on last post)

The point is - I've joined another challenge. And yes, it's going to be great fun. The latest is the Once Upon A Time Fantasy challenge sponsored by Carl V. I'm calling it a fantasy challenge, but it really encompasses 4 genres: fantasy, mythology, folklore and/or fairy tale. Carl has designed four 'quests' we can choose from to complete this challenge. I am going with quest 1.

"Quest One: Read at least 5 books from any of the 4 genres." I have chosen the following books for this challenge. My list of possibilities was so long and each title so tantalizing that I had a difficult time whittling it down to five.

1. Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor (I first heard of this book from Carl. I was reading Through the Looking Glass for the Classics Challenge and thought it would be fun to read this one afterwards. I bought it and it's been sitting on the shelf for a couple of months. It begged to be read for this challenge.)

2. Dreams Underfoot by Charles deLint (I've read a couple of books by deLint. He is an amazing storyteller who uses vivid imagery. It's hard to pick favorites, but he may be my favorite fantasy writer.)

3. Something Rotten by Jasper Fford (I've read the first three in this series and enjoyed them immensely, so I'm really looking forward to this one.)

4. A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett (The sequel to The Wee Free Men which I read a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely delightful.)

5. Princess Bride by William Goldman (I'm reading this book for the By the Decade Challenge (1970) and the Spring Thing Challenge. Uhhhh, triple duty! I'll get to scratch it off 3 lists - what fun!)

*Bonus Reads*
6. Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett (I went to the library to check out Moving Pictures, which was the book I originally planned for this slot. Wyrd Sisters grabbed my attention first, however. As I read the back cover and found out that it featured Granny Weatherwax, who also plays a large role in A Hat Full of Sky, there was no decision to make. I did leave Moving Pictures on my By the Decade Challenge.

7. Of Mice and Magic by David Farland (suggested by Framed and Alsyon from Fifty Books)

8. A Book Without Words by Avi (I saw this on Jenclair's list and since I love Avi's books I decided to add it to my list.)

Post Script - added on Mar 28 I was looking over some of the lists from others joining the Fantasy Challenge and discovered on Chris Howard's list a book by Orson Scott Card that I had not heard of - Hart's Hope. I'm adding it to the bonus reads and will keep my fingers crossed that I have time to fit it in.


jenclair said...

This one is going to be fun! You've got a great list, and I can't wait for your reviews!

Alyson said...

You need help! Just kidding. I noticed that you have 8 books listed, but said the challenge was only to read 5. Did you have a hard time choosing only 5?

Framed said...

I'm going to have to look over this challenge. I didn't join the Spring Challenge because of sheer laziness but I just finished my taxes so I'm feeling a touch bit energized. I have "The Book without Words" if you want to borrow it. Of course, I may need it if I join the challenge. Not that I don't have several on the list.

Nick Senger said...

You're a glutton for punishment (if you can call reading punishment!). I just listed your blog as one of the 101 essential websites for readers of literature:

Literary Feline said...

I'm with you when it comes to needing intervention. I don't even know how many challenges I'm participating in now. LOL

You have a great list of books for the fantasy challenge--some are on my list to read someday. The Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorites.

Good luck to you!

Kailana said...

I really like your list! I have Jasper Fforde on mine too, but I think I am still on book 3. It's probably sad that I don't remember... I think he has a new book coming out this year if memory serves me correct!

hellomelissa said...

i'll be your polar opposite... i can't sign up for challenges 'cause i can never finish them! i always get sidetracked.

Anonymous said...

I need that intervention program too :) I hoping to finally read the first in the Fforde series. Can't wait!

Melo said...


Booklogged said...

Jenclair, we are going to have fun, aren't we?

Alyson, no kidding. I did have a hard time limiting to 5-the 3 extra are bonus reads.

Framed, I decided on the books and bookmooched the ones I didn't own. But thanks for the offer. This means you'll just have to join and read it yourself.

Nick, I ran right over to your blog. I was very impressed. Thanks so much for honoring me in that way.

LitFeline,I had to create a color-coded spreadsheet to keep track of what books in what challenge that have to be read by what date. It was actually kind of fun.

Booklogged said...

Kailana, Something Rotten is the 4th in the series. I didn't like book 3 as well as the 1st to, so I'm hoping this one shoots back up there in my opinion.

HelloMelissa. Your the yin to my yang? Or something like that!

Iliana, I hope you enjoy the Eyre Affair. My sister didn't care for Fford, but my daughter and I love him.

Melo, Thanks for the comment and welcome to the world of blogging.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, booklogged!

Sorry I haven't visited in a while..I've been on hiatus and just limping back!

Love the new spring look your blog is sporting!

LOL @ the number of new reading challenges you have joined! I am only doing the non-fiction one for now. I failed miserably at the Chunkster Challenge, so I am a little wary of signing up for any of the others.

Anyway, this one looks great...will look forward to the reviews!

chrisa511 said...

I'm just seeing your challenge post! I hope you enjoy Hart's Hope! It's next up on my list for the challenge. I love Card. It's one of 3 books of his that I haven't read yet. Almost finished his collection! I emailed him once about it and he wrote back saying that it is his "most traditional fantasy novel" to date. Looking forward to it.