Saturday, January 26, 2008

Midnight for Charlie Bone

by Jenny Nimmo

This series is a definite Harry Potter copy cat. I really hate it when authors aren't original enough to come up with their own theme. I was more annoyed at the beginning of the book and more forgiving towards the end. I just about quit reading at the first, but for some reason I kept reading and eventually was interested in the characters and what was going on.

Charlie Bone discovers that he has special 'endowments' when he is able to hear photographs speaking. His 3 aunts send him off to Bloor's, a special school for geniuses. He learns bits and pieces of a horrible mystery that he feels compelled to solve in spite of the dangers.


Jeane said...

copycat writers are depressing

Andrea said...

Wow, Charlie Bones even looks like Harry Potter on the cover!

Anonymous said...

It is nothing like harry potter - in hp all of the children LEARN magic but in charlie bone they already have powers. Also they are all decendants from one person. In hp none of the characters are even distantly related.

Anonymous said...

Love this story. Read d series 1. Am looking 4 d series 2