Monday, March 10, 2008

Wowsie! What a Book Give-Away!

Today I stopped by one of my favorite blogspots, Framed and Booked. (Okay, so I'm groveling. I forgot her birthday and I'm seeking forgiveness...) But seriously, her blog is one of those I check regularly. Good thing, too. Framed had a post about an absolutely fabulous book giveaway.
Win six books - YES, six!
All you need to do to sign up for the drawing is visit
The Page Flipper
where you can see the titles of the books Chelsea is offering. Then send her a short, but sweet, email. If you're like me you'll probably add Chelsea to your feed read because she has a fun blog.

Good luck, but you need to know that I'm going to win. (The power of positive thinking and attraction!)

1 comment:

Framed said...

What? You forgot my birthday? You don't deserve to win these books.