Saturday, May 31, 2008

Book Giveaway

I just finished reading this really good book and would like to share my copy with one of you. Did I Expect Angels? is the story of Jennifer Huffaker, whose life is changed in the course of a night by a near stranger, who senses the crisis she's in and decides that tonight is the night he needs to help her; he becomes an unexpected "angel" who literally saves her life.

In the back of her book, Kathryn Maughan encourages us to pay tribute to our angels by leaving a comment on I'm using her idea for the basis of my book drawing.

In order to win my copy of Maughan's book, leave a comment to this post telling me about an unexpected angel in your life - someone who popped up when you had car trouble, someone who phoned in your time of crisis, or just a stranger who smiled or held the door when you were having a really, really bad day.

Get your name in the drawing TWICE: post a comment on your blog about my book drawing and a link to this post. Be sure to let me know that you've posted. If you want to pay tribute to your unexpected angel on your blog instead of in the comments, that's okay by me. Again, just leave a comment letting me know that you've done that.

Get your name in the drawing THRICE: include a picture of the book in your post.

I've been wanting to do a book drawing for sometime, since I didn't participated in By A Friend A Book Week. I've read several novels sent by authors and publishers, but didn't like them well enough to send them along to a blogger friend.
Did I Expect Angels? is a book that I like a lot and want to share because I think you will like it, too.

I will draw for the lucky winner on June 1. Best of luck to each of you.

In order to tell you about one of my unexpected angels, I first need to tell you about an experience that zapped my confidence in humanity. These type of experience happen frequently, but this particular time it really touched a nerve. I was behind a car at the drive-thru. The lady was a bit crisp with the teller. Then she yelled the f-word at her. I really don't know why it upset me so much, but it did. A few days later, again at a drive-thru, there was another lady - she was my unexpected angel. She was courteous with the teller, laughed a bit when she made a small mistake and was all-around pleasant. Again, it was a little thing, but it really brightened my day and brought a smile.

I look forward to hearing about your unexpected angel.


Lisa R.D. said...

This book looks great--I would love to be entered in your drawing!

I have so many angels in my life--it's hard to choose just one. I recently went to help my sister who had an emergency, life-threatening c-section, and I was overwhelmed with the help people offered to ME by taking care of my kids while I was gone. My unexpected angel came after I returned home, when a book club friend sent the sweetest email offering to do all kinds of things for me and my family (including bringing me dinner!) because she had heard that I was going through a rough time. She isn't someone that I know well or that I'd usually ask for help, but she was so genuine in her concern that I was very touched.

Petunia said...

I'd love to be entered to win this book. Here's my story: I was pregnant with my first child when I was 17. There were medical issues and my family was completely broke. It was not a comfortable place to be in. One day, a teacher's aide from my school gifted me bags and bags of groceries. When I told her I felt terrible that I could never repay her she made me promise that sometime in the future I would perform an act of kindness to someone else in need. It was the kindest thing anyone ever did for me and I will never forget it.

Framed said...

I loved reading about these angels so maybe I would love this book as well. There are so many angels but I guess I'll go with the two friends who visited me on my 50th birthday and helped change it from a depressing affair to one of celebration and remembrance of great times.

Lori's Reading Corner said...

This book sounds amazing. I'd love to be included in the drawing.

I have two new "angels". Two weeks ago I lost my grandfather and I know he's watching over me. My other "angel" was barely with us. My brother and SIL lost their son yesterday due to complications with the pregnancy. She was just starting her 5th month. Matthew Kyle would have been my first nephew. I will carry him in my heart forever! Sometimes someone doesn't have to do something for us to be an angel for us!

Booklogged said...

Framed, hooray for friends!

Lori, that's so sad about Matthew Kyle and all of you and yours who are going to miss him. About grandpas - I've felt for years that my grandpa was watching over me.

Susan said...

What a fun and inspirational idea for a giveaway!

I have so many angels in my life, but two that I will never forget helped me when I was a 16-year-old exchange student in The Philippines. On my way back to the U.S., I stopped in Manila for a week. My hosts in Manila were supposed to meet me at the airport, but they didn't show up. I didn't have their street address and no one answered their phone. I didn't have any money and had no idea what to do. After a couple of hours, whispered prayers and some serious tears, I finally lugged my bags into a business office and pleaded for help. As I was hunched over with my head in my hands, an elderly missionary wrapped an arm around my shoulders and informed me that she and her husband would help me. They phoned my hosts, got their address, paid for a taxi to take me there and warned the driver that if he tried any funny business, hell would be nothing compared to their wrath, and sent me on my way. I got to my destination without a problem! I've thanked God over and over for my spunky, grey-haired saviors.

Booklogged said...

I don't know what happened to the comment I left for Lisa and Petunia. That's pretty bad when you make a comment on your own blog and it gets erased. Or maybe I'm just loosing my mind!

Lisa, one of the good things about having a baby was that angels always brought dinner.

Petunia, it's that pay it forward concept. Lovely.

Susan, that's a beautiful story. Isn't it comforting to know there are still people in this world who are willing to help?

Bookfool said...
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Booklogged said...

Bookfool, I'm so glad you shared that story. It gave me goosebumps and tingly feelings. And good feels.

teabird said...

I've had so many angels... One was a man whose van broke down in the exact place where my car had just broken down. We spent two hours waiting for tows, and our conversation opened my eyes and heart to so many things - the music he loved, the hardships he had endured to come to this country, the joy he had in being American. I have never forgotten him, and I'm grateful for the chance to have met a true example of how America is still a welcoming country.
We all need to be reminded sometimes...

Booklogged said...

Teabird, I'm so glad you shared about that unexpected angel. What are the chances that two cars would break down right at the same place and at the same time? An unexpected angel, indeed.

Bellezza said...

An unexpected angel in my life would have to be my second husband. After my first husband died, I was single for seven years until I met my husband of today at church. I called my first husband my "Salsa" and my second husband my "Oatmeal" (in my mind, of course, not out loud) because they were so opposite in temperment. But, as the challenges of raising a teenager occur I find that the "Oatmeal" is just what I need: a calm, level headed man of character. My second husband is my angel.

And, I love the verse in the Bible which talks about "for some have entertained angels unawares"...we never know whom we are blessing ourselves.

Your book review was lovely.

Kathryn Maughan said...

Hi everyone,
These angel stories are incredible. They're exactly what I'm looking for. Is it okay for me to transfer them over onto my website,
Please let me know.

Good luck with the drawing!
Kathryn Maughan

Booklogged said...

Bellezza, thank-you for sharing that beautiful story about your husband. I love the food associated names. It makes me wonder why I never came up with food names for my husband because I'm a food person.

Kathryn, it's totally okay with me if you copy these stories to your blog. They are beautiful stories. It reinforces the concept that no man is an island. We are influenced and blessed by those around just as we have an effect on them.

Lesley said...

I'm too late for the drawing but no matter - this sounds like a great book!

julie said...

I'm also late for the drawing, but I like the sound of this book.

My mom was recently my unexpected angel. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, was in a different state for a job, and was lonely and depressed. I sat at a Village Inn waiting for my dinner and really wanted to be in my hotel room so I could have a good cry. My phone rang and it was Mom calling to see if I was doing ok. We chatted for awhile and just hearing her voice cheered me up. The rest of the night I was fine, thanks to her calling at the right time - when I needed her.