Saturday, April 18, 2009

DNF - State of Fear

by Michael Crichton

I've read several books by this author and enjoyed them, but I just wasn't getting into this one. I'll probably try it again some other time.


Bookfool said...

I love Michael Crichton, but I've decided to avoid this one because I disagree with him with my whole heart. I think global warming is real and serious.

Jess said...

Didn't they just make a movie based on this book?

Kailana said...

That sucks that the book didn't work for you! Hopefully the next book you decide to read will!

Anonymous said...

I just happened to be reading through your posts and saw this one. Crichton is seriously one of my favorite authors but I agree this wasn't one of my favorites. It was a struggle at times but I made myself finish. I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming title though!