Thursday, October 08, 2009

Contest Central Fridays

Are you hosting a giveaway, a contest, a scavenger hunt, a chance to win something?  Let the blogging community know about it.  This is the "Farmers Market" of contests.  If you are hosting a contest of any kind and want to spread the word, just sign up usingMckLinky.

Where MckLinky asks for the title, please type what you are giving away, the deadline date and if the contest is Int (international) or US/Canada.

Example:  $25 Gift Card to GameCentral (10/30) Int

Include the URL to the specific post of the contest or giveaway.


RAnn said...

Thanks for this feature!

Thoughts of Joy said...

This is another great feature. I have a give-away going on now, so I'll link it to the latest post.