Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge

It's been 18 months since my last reading challenge. Oh heck, that's not entirely true - I tentatively joined 4 last year. I say tentatively because I don't know that I even added my name to the challenge site. One that I officially joined was Heidenkind's Art History Challenge. I only read one of the four required books before the challenge ended. I don't see it as a total failure though because I've been more mindful of this category and I have read several books since that fill that category.

In the time of my challenge hiatus I've acquired some control over my reading appetite and think I can safely take on one challenge.  Since my favorite genre is mysteries, I feel some hope at being able to complete this one.

As you can see from the super-cute button, the challenge is hosted by Book Chick City.  It runs from Jan 1, 2010 - Dec 31, 2010 and you can sign up anytime, even as late as I am!  The challenge is to read 12 books.  I'm going to include some of the books I've already read this year so I'm not so far behind.

My list:
1.  4th of July by James Patterson
2.  Borrower of the Night by Elizabeth Peters
3.  O' Artful Death by Sarah Stewart Taylor
4.  Silent Lies by Mary Lee Malcolm
5.  Everywhere That Mary Went by Lisa Scottoline
6. The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly
7.  The 5th Horseman by James Patterson
8.  Witches' Bane by Susan Wittig Albert
9.  The New Maisie Dobbs mystery by Jaqueline Winspear
10. Face Down Beside St. Anne's Well by Kathy Lynn Emerson
11. Simple Genius by David Baldacci
12. The Brutal Retelling by Louise Penny


raidergirl3 said...

It's not too late to sign up? I don't know why I didn't see this challenge before. I've been doing a Global Challenge, but I am only picking mysteries, and I'm doing a Historical Mysteries, which ends in June, but I completely missed this just plain old mysteries. I still have a huge list like you. Plus, I just discovered Maisie Dobbs.

bookjourney said...

I am so behind on updating my challenges. You are doing fantastic!

Framed said...

To think that I could get twelve mysteries off the TBR list. Very tempting, but I think I will wait. Maybe next year.

Ordinary Reader said...

There's an award for you at

Unknown said...

Yay! Welcome to the challenge - thanks for signing up! Enjoy! :)