Sunday, January 22, 2012

On the Rim of Love

by Marie Astor

The middle of December I received an email from Meghan Williams offering me an ebook copy of Astor's 3rd book.  Since I knew I was receiving a Kindle for Christmas I jumped at the chance.  My first ebook!

As most of you know I am NOT a romance reader.  Guess I overlooked that in my enthusiasm to load and read my first ebook.  On the Rim of Love is a quick, light, easy romance.  The main character, Maggie, is a smart, pretty girl who has been dating a rich, egotistical jerk for two years and hasn't figured out yet that he is a jerk.  I'm not particularly smart but I had his number in the first few pages.

Maggie accepts a proposal of marriage from this Neanderthal and then goes to Vancouver with him for a proposal celebration that turns into a business trip.  And that's as much of the storyline I'm going to give away.

The thing about Kindle is that it keeps track of the reader's progress through the book.  I found it torturous at first to realize I had only read 35% and had so much more to read but when I reached 50% things started  getting more interesting.  I have to say that I rather enjoyed this book and found it to be a nice respite from the strenuous biography I was reading at the same time.

If you are a romance reader, I think you will thoroughly enjoy On the Rim of Love.  Let me just whisper the name Taylor to you... 

** I received a free copy of On the Rim of Love in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received.

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