Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

by Fannie Flagg

What a fun, endearing, quirky book!  This is not my general fare of mystery or suspense but I totally ate it up.  Flagg has a wonderful way of lifting your spirits with her delightful main characters.  I sound like an expert on Fannie Flagg, don't I?  I should insert a disclaimer right here saying that I've only read two of her books so far, but they were both great fun to read and put a spring in my step.

The heroine is Elner Shimfissle who is well into her eighties and still lives alone.  Heck, she even climbs the ladder to gather in some fruit from her fig tree without giving it a second thought.  Turns out she should have because while up there she gets attacked by a swarm of bees and falls backwards off the ladder.  She's rushed to the hospital where she is pronounced dead.  While family and friend are making funeral arrangements, Elner is enjoy her after-life experiences and meeting with a few interesting people from her past.

Her niece is beyond worry that the townsfolk saw her aunt Elner in that old, ugly housecoat that she had on when she fell.  The nieces husband has more serious matters to worry about after finding a gun in the bottom of Elner's hamper.  Did I say there wasn't any mystery?  I forgot about the gun until just now.  What is that doing in sweet Aunt Elner's hamper?


Marie said...

Nice review! I've only read a few of Flagg's books, too, but I really enjoy them. This one sounds fun.

Kailana said...

I haven't read Fannie Flagg in ages. I really must get around to her at some point.