Sunday, March 18, 2012

The TurboCharged Mind

by Dian Griesel with Tom Griesel

This little book of less than 100 pages provides a great reminder and motivation to those of us who have read several visualization-type books and a good introduction to those who are new to the concept.

It starts out discussing what hypnosis is and debunking some of the myths that cause many to think it's mystical and unnatural.  There's a comparison to the mind as a computer that stores our memories but is also programmable.

"This programing consists of our experiences & our thoughts about them.  Most of us have left the programming of our subconscious 'computers' up to the outside world.  The result is that a substantial amount of what we think, feel, and do has been left to chance.  Our 'input' has been manipulated by our parents, friends, family, advertising, big business, laws, church and religious doctrine, unwritten social mores and our own undirected thoughts."

That's not saying that all of that 'input' has been harmful. To me it means that we haven't always been mindful of what we've allowed to shape our belief system.   The Turbocharged Mind instructs us how to change the input so we can change the output.  In other words, we can better control what goes into our subconscious and thereby control what we believe and what we do.

I have used these ideas over the years and have seen some remarkable changes in some of my beliefs about myself.  I used to have quite a temper but now I am mild manner and very, very seldom get angry.   The biggest area of improvement is my self-image.  We are all constantly talking to ourselves in our minds.  So much of what I used to say to myself about myself was critical, over and over again and quite often with great emotion.  I used self-hypnosis and other thought processes to greatly decrease the negative self-talk.  Life has been so much more pleasant. 

If the idea of self-hypnosis/visualization is new to you this is a good starter book.  I also recommend Psycho-cybernetics and the Magic of Belief.  For those of us familiar with the concepts, it's a good reminder to keep doing what we know works.  I haven't used these techniques in awhile and I needed this nudge to work on a few other problem areas in my life.

The authors have a website where they talk about self-hypnosis, offer their books and have some self-hypnotic downloads on weight control, relaxation, energy, quit smoking, etc.  The downloads cost $10.   There is a beginner meditation download and a eRecipe book that are free.

** I received a free copy of The TurboCharged Mind  fromthe authors in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received.


Zibilee said...

I used hypnosis when I had some sleeping issues, and it helped a lot. I know some others who used it for smoking cessation as well. This does sound like a rather interesting book, and like one that would be helpful to me. Thanks for sharing your awesome review!

jenclair said...

I'm interested, too. Will check the library first. :)

Booklogged said...

Zibilee, Good to hear you are sleeping better. I never thought of it for helping my sleep problems.

Jenclair, the library is always a great choice. I never think of you that I don't recall your Renaissance reading - you know, the idea of learning in many different fields?