Thursday, May 03, 2012

I HATE Text-Enhance!

I have followed the instructions to disable Text-Enchance, even deleting all my cookies, and yet, it still shows up.  I've hated it on other people's blogs and now I am really HATING it on mine!  Has anyone successfully eradicated it from your blogs and would you please tell me how you did it?  It reminds me of the bindweed I'm trying to get rid of in my garden.  I don't suppose Round-up will help with Text-Enhance because it's not helping with the bindweed (morning glory-the weed).


Pl4zM4D4wG said...

Hi Booklogger.

Yes, I also fell victim to this Text-enhance a few days ago.

I have successfully removed it, You can remove it by doing the following.

If you are using Google Chome, Click on the wrench at the top right, then select Tools->Extensions and remove something called “Facetheme”, “Better Links” or some other strange extension name. That should Fix it.

If you don't use Google chrome the following link will give you multiple solutions to your problem hope that helps.

Gerbera Daisy Diaries said...

Yikes! I wonder if I don't like it too?? I'm not sure what it is!!
My pet peeve is my RSS feed...not sure how to fix it so it shows more of my blog post and graphics instead of just 2-3 sentences.
Hope you get it fixed!

Booklogged said...

Pl4zM4D4wG,thank-you so much. I followed those instructions and that horrible problem is gone.

Melissa, Text-Enhance highlights words in your posts and when the mouse goes over that word it opens a pop-up window. Sometimes the highlight color makes the word disappear, depending on your layout. I mostly hated it because I did not give them the approval to do that.

Booklogged said...

I spoke too soon - it's still here! In this post it highlights the word 'cookies.' UGH!

Heidenkind said...

Hm, it's not happening for me, but I have ScriptBlocker. Did you search in Blogger help?

Pl4zM4D4wG said...

Hmm.. I'll research it more for you to help out cause I know who annoying it is.

What internet explorer are you using so I can find a solution.

Pl4zM4D4wG said...

Apologies for my incorrect word use. Didn't realize it until I posted my comment.

Booklogged said...

Pl4zM4D4wG, I was using Firefox and I didn't want to change, but when I couldn't fix things I switched to Google Chrome and now it's fixed. Thanks so much for your help. Without you I may have stopped blogging.

That guy said...

I hate people that made text enhance and wonder why they exist. I hope they go to hell for trying to make money out of a target audience that DOESN'T EXIST

This is another victtim of text enhance:

B. Radom said...

I thought the whole internet was filling pages with text-link ads!!
Good thing I looked at your blog!!