Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I haven't been tagged in ages, so I was thrilled when LibraryBaby tagged me for the Liebster Blog Award.  Not sure what liebster means but it sounds like it should have something to do with books, libraries, etc.

To be eligible you must be a book blogger with less than 200 followers and keep up with your blog decently. Rules of the tag: share 11 facts about yourself, answer 11 questions the person tagging you asked, and then create 11 questions for the 11 people that you tag to answer.

You may be interested to read a little history about the Liebster Blog Awards at Sopphey Says.  According to her it has morphed through the years.  Originally, you only tagged 3 people -- no questions and answers or facts about the person receiving the award.  Who knows where the 11 facts, 11 questions answered and 11 questions for taggees entered the scene?  Interesting changes in just 2 years time.  I also discovered that liebster had nothing to do with books.  In German, liebster means favorite, beloved, dearest.

11 Random Facts About Me
1.  I have been married for 39 years to the same man.
2.  I am a mother to 4 girls and 2 grandkids.
3.  My basement flooded when I was on a car trip to St. John's, Newfoundland.  We were 3595 miles away from home.
 4.  I love to travel but hate the long waits at the airport.  Favorite way to travel is in the car with my husband driving.
5.  I like to sew quilt tops, collect quilt patterns, cook, collect recipes, x-stitch, tole paint, spend time on Pinterest, play games, work on genealogy, dabble in my garden, and read.
6.  My favorite author is Louis Penny.
7.  I've just started learning about and using essential oils.  I have made my own deodorant and face cleanser.  
8.  I am a retired biology and study skills teacher.
9.  I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters.
10. Before I die I would like to visit all 50 states and all 13 Canadian provinces/territories.  Only 4 states to go (Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana & Montana) and 6 provinces/territories (NU, NT, YT, AB, SK, MB.)
11.  My current favorite games are Hand & Foot (a variation of Canasta) and Settlers of Catan on the computer.

Questions Asked of Me
1.  What is your favorite thing about reading and books?  I like learning while being entertained.  And I often feel gratitude that there are people who are so imaginative and gifted and who are willing to share that with others in their stories and poetry.
2.  E-books or regular books?  Either one.  I like to be able to put bookdarts in regular books and then pull them off the shelves and reread those marked passages but I do like the 'lightness' of ebooks.
3.  Did you have encyclopedias at home when you were a child?  My daughter and I were talking about this just the other day.  We had 2 or 3 different sets - we had to keep current.
4.  What is your favorite kind of music?  Favorite?  That's hard.  I don't listen to a lot but I like some western, some Canadian/Maritime province music, some folk, instrumental, a few movie/Broadway titles, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and really good vocal harmonies.
5.  Where would you most like to visit?  Some of my ancestors came from Randers, Denmark.  I would love to go there.
6.  What is your favorite season?  I like spring when it starts to warm up after winter but I LOVE fall when it begins to cool down again and the harvest is providing such luscious fruits & vegetables and the leaves are so pretty.
7.  Pirate ninjas or ninja pirates?  I must be too old...
8.  Jimmy John’s or Quiznos?  I've never tried either one but I do like Gandalfo's. 
9.  Least favorite genre to read?  Westerns or romance
10.  Coffee or tea? Or espresso?  Is hot chocolate an option?  Don't drink the others.
11.  Are you a morning person or a night owl?  No question - I'm a night owl.

Questions for My Taggees to Answer
1.  What is a TV show/series that you wish had not been canceled?
2.  Romance or Historical?
3.  What hobbies do you have in addition to reading?
4.  What is your favorite holiday?
5.  Cookbook or Health & Fitness?
6.  Where do you read the most?
7.  Why did you start blogging?
8.  Biography or Self-Help?
9.  Any quirky reading habits?
10. Fantasy or Mystery?
11.  Which do you prefer - the beginning or the end of a story?

I'm going to revert back to the original idea of only tagging 3 people for this award.  I know there are many people who don't like to do these 'chain-letter-like' activities.  If I tag you and you don't want to do this, don't.  It won't hurt my feelings at all.  I totally understand that life is busy.

I tag
1.  Katie from KatesBookClub.  This is my daughter, who does awesome video reviews.  She may have well over 200 subscribers/followers but that rule wasn't in the original award rules either so I'm dismissing it.

2.  Zibilee from Raging Bibliomania - a long time fellow book blogger/friend.

3.  Susan from You Can Never Have Too Many Books - another long time book blogger/friend who likes ginger cookies, which our my favorite.  Susan, do you have a good recipe?  I'm on the hunt for the best recipe for ginger snaps.


Zibilee said...

I can't imagine what I would do if I was 400 miles away from home and my basement flooded! That must have been a nightmare! Also, I find it fascinating that you make your own deodorant and facial cleanser from essential oils and such!So, so cool! Thanks for sharing this award with me. I can't promise to repost the award and questions, as there are some things going on at the moment, but I do heartily thank you, my friend!

Susan said...

Thank you for picking me! IT's late here tonight, so I will do my answers tomorrow night. I love your answers you gave. And you asked some hard ones, too!

Let's see, the one and only ginger cookie recipe that I make here, is our favourite, and every single person so far who I've made them for has adored them. I posted the recipe back in Dec 2008, for the first time I was part of the Christmas Advent tour online that Kailana and Marg host. Here's the link to the cookies:

I hope you love them too. They are so delicious! Hmm......I'm tempted to make some now! Even if it's in the 90s for the rest of the week!

Your random facts about you are fun, too. Only 4 states to go, that's quite some travel history you have! I'm glad you are wanting to see all of Canada too, that's lovely to see. I have the Maritimes and up north left to see of our country. And many states as well!

CarpeDiem said...

I am going to have to check out that Canadian Provence music. I have never heard of it and it sounds interesting! Hey, thanks for participating; this is fun, reading about each other!

Have a great day.

Kailana said...

I learned a lot from this. Fun!

Booklogged said...

Zibilee, don't be impressed - I'm just starting out with the essential oils and my deodorant gave me a rash after 3 days.
Susan, thanks for the ginger cookie recipe. As soon as it cools down a bit I'll be trying them out.
LibraryBaby, the music is a combination of folk, sea shanties, and Irish. There are some I love and others I don't care for, but I guess you find that in any realm of music.
Kailana, speaking of Canadian Maritime music - do you have any favorites?