Thursday, August 23, 2012

21 Memory Improvement Tips

by David Brugger

I downloaded this little ebook from Pixel of Ink and read it several weeks ago. There were suggestive reminders but nothing really new.  At age 61, I thought I might discover something innovative or that I wasn't already doing.  I do need to oxygenate more.  (I'm trying to avoid saying exercise.)  I try to make up for it with deep breathing which I'm sure isn't quite as helpful.  Why is so hard to exercise?   But I deviate - this book is about memory.  If you read very much on the subject you don't need to read this one, but if you're just starting out then I recommend 21 Memory Tips.

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Zibilee said...

Oh, I think I totally need this one! I have so many problems with my memory lately, and reading this might help me unfurl some of those issues. Thanks for the recommendation. I don't read a ton of books about memory, but it sounds like this one might just hit the spot. Thanks for the great review!