Sunday, July 19, 2015

Red Skies

by Kay Bratt

I have been having the best luck with my latest selections of books.  This one was no exception.  Red Skies is book four in Tales of the Scavenger's Daughters series but it read like a stand alone.  I have not read the first three books and don't feel like that detracted at all from the wholeness this book offered.

The setting is present day China where Mari struggles to earn money selling pictures of tourists sitting on her camel by the Great Wall.  It used to be a business she and her husband did together but he was thrown from the camel and is laid up at home. So Mari struggles alone to make the business work and pay the bills.

On her route home at night she meets a young girl who is forced to beg on the streets.  Mari has only seen her twice but can't forget about her or get her out of her dreams.  From the one time Mari talked with the girl she found out her name was An Ni.  After repeated attempts to find An Ni again, Mari decides she must have been traded to another gang or sold.

Throw into this mix an American who is trying to check of items on a bucket list.  The obvious is that these three people will some how be brought together as the story unfolds, what's not so obvious is how that happens.  And that's what makes this a captivating tale.

This was a very satisfying read and I would highly recommend Red Skies.  In fact, my friend posted on facebook yesterday asking for book recommendations and I'm going to tell her about Red Skies.  I noticed that all Bratt's books have a 4.5 rating on

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Mystica said...

A new book and author for me. Thanks for the review.