Monday, September 14, 2015

Saving Sophie

by Ronald H. Balson

I picked this book up after reading half of an unsatisfying mystery and was immediately impressed with the writing and story.  There are complexities in the plot that provided interest and encouraged me to continue reading.  And I thought about the book when I wasn't reading.

Jack Sommers is grieving his wife's sudden death when his in-laws take him to court in a child custody suit.  Lies about Jack's character and his ability to care for Sophie are bantered about but eventually proven false and he is granted custody.  But several weeks later his wife's parents kidnap Sophie and take her to live with them in Hebron, Israel which is a West Bank Palestinian Settlement.

Things are looking bleak for Jack but they get worse.  He disappears from work on the day of a big business deal when $88 million dollars goes missing.

Artfully woven in to this plot is a subplot that deals with college basketball racketeering.

After reading a book like this I go online to search for other books by the author, in hopes there are more to be enjoyed.  Luckily, Balson has written a previous book, Once We Were Brothers, that also has a 4.5 rating.  Yay!


Mystica said...

I just read this though review scheduled for December! I liked the ME setting and was the book which gave me an insight into family kidnappings.

Booklogged said...

Hmmm... I got the book from Net Galley and the publication date was listed as Sep 15. That's why I posted on the 14th. I'm impressed that you are so far ahead. I have a couple books that release in Dec. but I'm still reading the ones that will release at the end of Sep.