Saturday, December 03, 2016

The Nightingale

by Kirsten Hannah

I feel like I've read my fair share of WWII literature and had decided I wasn't going to read any more.  I was tempted to read The Nightingale when I kept hearing so much about it but I'd already read Kristen Hannah's Winter Garden in 2012 and, even though I liked it, I shied away from another WWII novel, especially one by an author I'd already read.

Obviously, I finally gave in and read The Nightingale.  I think it was an offering on Pixel of Ink, or one of those type emails, and I couldn't resist when the price was low and the ratings high.

Set against the backdrop of Germany invading France, is the story of two sisters who experienced a childhood tragedy that created feelings of injustice, guilt, abandonment and animosity between them.  

I highly recommend The Nightingale.  

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