Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Winner is Announced...

The winner of my blogger birthday giveaway is


Congratulations, Trish! I hope you enjoy Crossed. I am loving it so far. I had to put it on hold when my husband came home from the hardward store last Thursday afternoon and said, "Let's go to Arizona and get some sun!" I pulled out a mystery to take on the trip because I needed something breezy. I don't get much reading done on trips, but I do get to enjoy some audio books with Candleman.

Just a sidenote - I saw my first saguaro cacti today. They are fascinating. We're in Tuscon tonight where it was 80 degrees earlier today. Almost too hot. Meanwhile at home it is snowing and 35 degrees. It's so easy to feel tickled through and through at moments like this. Tomorrow we are going to a wonderful place called the Desert Museum which was recommended by out good friend, Shelley. She lived in Tuscon for years. We'll be thinking of her tomorrow as the hummingbirds swish by and we see lots of blooming desert flora.

I hope you'll all jump on over to Trish's blog and congratulate her. She has a terrific blog.


Paula said...

Sounds like your soaking in the sun. What fun! We're off to Texas next week ~ I can hardly wait!
Congrats to Trish!

Les said...

You lucky duck! I'd love to be in Arizona right now. Coincidentally, my hubby is flying out to Phoenix in a few hours for a business conference. I'm going to stay home with my dog, books, and snow (arriving tonight). Sigh.

heather (errantdreams) said...

I hope you're enjoying the trip to Arizona! I imagine it's nice and warm at this time of year. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a good trip. Arizona is nice at this time of year. We spent the weekend with friends in Oklahoma and it was very pleasant. Came home Sunday and brought the sweeping cold winds with us. It's cold and windy here tonight. Winter's not quite over yet.

Heather said...

I missed your bloggy birthday?? Terrible bloggy friend! I wish you a happy belated bloggy birthday!!