Monday, April 14, 2008

Soup's On! A Culinary Reading Challenge

At last - a cookbook challenge. I love reading cookbooks and trying new recipes. ((Why didn't I think of this??))

This challenge has been issued by Ex Libris. The challenge will run from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009. All you have to do is select six cookbooks to read* and make at least one of the recipes. These can be any cookbooks of your choice - brand new ones, old stand-bys that you can't live (or cook) without, or even heirlooms. You do not have to decide on the cookbooks ahead of time (unless you want to, of course). Then post your reviews either here or on your own blog. If you want, you can even post pictures of your creations along with your reviews!
Food Network Favorites
My first born daughter gave me this one for Christmas. I had asked for one by Rachel Ray but when I saw this I was thrilled to pieces. I love watching the food network and this book has oodles of yummy looking recipes. I haven't made anything yet, but I'm going to now - with the help of this challenge urging me.

Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes for Two
I love using my slow cooker and have found a few really yummy, easy and dependable recipes. I had this book on my wishlist for Christmas and my 2nd daughter gave it to me. I was tickled. But, alas, I haven't tried any of the recipes yet. I know I'm sounding like a broken record! I'll be letting you know what some of my favorites are.

Making Memories: A Collection of Recipes from the Family & Friends of the Dairy Keen in Heber, Utah
My birthday falls between Christmas and New Years. This year daughters 3 and 4 gave me a cookbook from my favorite drive-in - The Dairy Keen in Heber. We call it "the train drive-in" because there's an electric train on a track that goes all around the drive-in. It's up high enough that people can't play with it but we can watch it while ordering and eating. In recent years the Dairy Keen has been remodeled to look like a train depot. It's really very charming. If you ever go thru Heber City you should try their fresh raspberry shakes, or any of their shakes for that matter. The cookbook is actually a collection of recipes from family and friends, but it includes some fun history of the town and the people who run the Dairy Keen. I'm very excited to have it in my collection, but it's time I tried some of the recipes.

Marshal Field's Cookbook

Candleman & I visited Chicago last summer and, on the much appreciated recommendation of Dolce Bellezza, we visited Macy's which used to be Marshall Field's. We bought some delicious Frango Mints and a beautiful cookbook.

Light and Tasty Annual 2003
Before I retired as a science teacher I didn't cook much during the school year and when I did I always relied on the familiar. During the summer I would always go through my cookbooks for new and exciting recipes. And I would check out piles of cookbooks from the library. One of the favorites to check out were the annuals from Light and Tasty. I'm going to get the annual for 2003 because on page 86 is a recipe for Asparagus Tomato Stir Fry that I am dying to try. It was submitted by Raidergirl3. Yes, our very own book blogging, trivia buffing friend from PEI. Isn't that soooooo cool.

Make-A-Mix Cookery
I bought this cookbook back in 1980 when my 3 daughters were 5, 4 and 3 years old and daughter 4 hadn't been born yet. I made up several of the mixes and saved lots of money. I used it so much that the cover became ripped, pages smudged and eventually it dissolved (or was lost). Today my oldest daughter was over telling me about a cookbook she thought she would order. It reminded me of this one. I got on and they had this one and several newer editions. I contemplated which I should order and finally went with the nostalgic first edition. It only cost $0.08 plust $3.99 s&h.

I have a million cookbooks on my shelves and I love checking out cookbooks from the library. My family loves it when I get into my cookbook-reading mood, because I always try out a few recipes, too. So a BIG THANKS to Ex Libris from me and my loved ones.


Alyson said...

What a fun challenge. I wish I was there to participate in the taste test part of this challenge.

Alyson said...

I just realized that this challenge goes until next March, so maybe I will be there to try some of your new recipes.

Booklogged said...

Oh, Aly - I thought it was just next month so I was going to get right after it, now I'll put it off for awhile. You realize that whoever gets in on the tasting has to help with the cleanup.

Framed said...

I can't believe I'm tempted to join this. It's insane. And possibly the one challenge I really need to join, but I think not. Have fun.

Paula said...

I love to cook and have a cookbook fetish, so am popping right over to join this one. What fun!

Sharon said...

You're welcome! So glad you are joining in. I LOVE Frango mints! And the diner cookbook sounds like fun. Can't wait to hear about the recipes!

Bellezza said...

I have never seen the Marshall Field cookbook! I hope it's still available, because it's the taste of my childhood: every time I went I ordered their chicken pot pie!

Anonymous said...

Guess this would mean I need to cook or at the very least, like! I have a hubby who cooks - THANK GOD!

heather (errantdreams) said...

Heeee. This is the first real challenge I've participated in, because I'm already reviewing cookbooks. It's fun reading all the cookbook reviews!

Booklogged said...

Framed, I so proud of your self-control.

Paula, so glad you're joining. It's going to be fun.

Ex Libris, good on you for thinking up this great challenge.

Bellezza, when we were there they had several different cookbooks. We bought this because of the picture of the pot pie on the cover.

J.Kaye, lucky you - every girl's dream is a husband who cooks. Mine does on occasion and I love it.

Heather, sounds like this is just the challenge for you (and me).

raidergirl3 said...

I was coming back to comment on the cookbook with my recipe - which is super cool, and don't leave out the sesame oil, it really adds the flavor and then, HOLY COW WAIT A MINUTE! I have that Make a Mix cookbook!
My mom had it in the 80s, but I always liked it so she gave it to me. I don't use it enough, but I have been looking in it recently. I made the white sauce mix and we used it last year for Mac and Cheese, which the kids love.

I can't believe you have that cookbook too!

Les said...

You would think this would be a must-do challenge for me, but as tempted as I am, I'm trying to hold myself back and not sign up. Maybe I'll just play along on a monthly basis as time allows. I, too, have far too many cookbooks that haven't been used. I'm anxious to see what you cook from the Food Network book, as well as the Slow Cooker book (which I gave to my mom last year, too!). Have fun and let us know about the winning recipes.

jenclair said...

Although I'm not signing up, I am hoping for some great new recipes from this challenge! Particularly those that are fast and easy... :)

Anonymous said...

I love my slow cooker too, but only have a handful of recipes that really work well in it. Please let us know what recipes you find to come out well!

Les said...

Stephanie, I have a delicious Slow Cooker beef recipe on my blog, if you're interested. You can find it here.

Hope Booklogged doesn't mind me posting this here!

Booklogged said...

Raidergirl3, I don't actually HAVE it yet, but it's been ordered. What a coincidence that you have it, too. Oh, the memories I have of that time period in my life - I was young, energetic, poor, and so idealistic. I was putting all my energies into my family and my home. Now I just don't have any energies!

Les, I will definitely keep you informed as I know of your cooking abilities. I may have to follow your example and start a cooking blog. Or maybe, join up on my husband's.

Jenclair, I hear you - fast, easy and delicious is my mantra.

Stephanie, the thing I find with crockpots is there are an abundance of soup recipes, followed by roasts. Finding anything with ground beef is harder and/or requires too many steps and pots.

Les, I printed out that yummy looking recipe. Thanks for sharing.