Thursday, February 02, 2006

About Me

I live in what used to be a small town in Utah.  We keep growing by leaps and bounds, then everything stops for awhile before it takes off again.  The worst part of growth is the increased traffic.  The best part is more facilities, stores and restaurants.  The city recently opened a big recreation center and Cafe Rios just moved in. 

I have been married to Candleman for 37 years on December 28, 2009.  I tell you what - it's been quite the ride!  All my BIG present days happen within 5 days - Christmas, Anniversary, and my birthday on Dec 30.

Candleman and I specialize in girls - we have four.  It was fun to be the Mom of four such different and yet, all delightful girls.  We have two grandchildren, a boy and a girl.  They live close and we like that.

I like to read, obviously.  I enjoy most genres but I'm not really into westerns or romance.  My favorite genre is mystery/suspense.  A few of my favorite books are Poisonwood Bible, Book Thief, Jane Eyre, Mort, The History of Love, The Story of Forgetting, Girl in Hyacinth Blue, Secret Life of Bees, From the Corner of His Eye, and I could go on for pages.  I know I'm leaving out some.  Favorite authors include Terry Pratchett, Dean Koontz, Jan Burke, Barbara Kingsolver, Susan Vreeland, Sue Monk Kidd, Jasper Fforde, Lisa Scottoline, Andrea Barrett, Laurie King, Shannon Hale, David Baldacci, Anne Perry, etc.  Again the list is much longer but this gives you an idea.

Other hobbies I've indulged in over the years are tole painting, scrapbooking, crocheting, quilting, cross-stitiching and doll making.  With the exception of making dolls I look forward to doing all of them again.  I go through phases when I do one thing then I'll leave it for awhile and do something else.  Right now my most time consuming hobby is blogging. 

I am the 3rd child, 1st daughter of seven children.  My father was in the Army for most of my growing up years so we moved a lot.  The two longest places we lived were Lincoln, NE for 6 years and St. John's, Newfoundland for 3 years.  I was preschool age in Newfoundland so I only have a few spotty memories.  I lived in Lincoln from 3 grade through the 8th grade and didn't want to move to Utah when my dad retired.  Since then I have grown very fond of Utah.   It wasn't until I was married  for 29 years that I discovered I might like to live somewhere else.  That was the year we visited the Pacific Northwest.  We won't ever move, though, because our grandchildren live only a backyard away from us.  That beats the Northwest, but just barely!

In one of my former lives I taught high school biology and a few other science subjects.  Now I am retired and enjoying a more peaceful, laid-back lifestyle.

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You won the cookbook contest at Loving Heart Designs. (#49) Yahoo! Please email me if you have not won this one from anyone else and I will pass your information on to Jane. Go ahead and send your address too. Thanks.