Monday, April 22, 2013

Stalking Sapphire

by Mia Thompson

I received an advance copy eBook of Stalking Sapphire from NetGalley and, as with most ARCs, there were some rough spots.  I almost gave up reading because the first 3rd of the book was so choppy.  Actually, I did set it aside with no intention of going back but I couldn't quit thinking about the story.  I finished it.  First book in a long time that I stayed up until the wee hours to finish.
Despite the illusion Sapphire Dubois presents to the rest of the world, she is not just your stereotypical 22-year old Beverly Hills heiress; she hunts serial killers. While her fellow heirs spend their nights with trending celebs and drugs at the hottest club, Sapphire secretly spends hers luring, capturing, and anonymously handing over So-Cal’s most wanted killers to the police — just your average Tuesday night. 
What Sapphire doesn’t know is that one of her adversaries is watching her every move, aware of both her true identity and her unconventional hobby. Needless to say, he doesn’t approve. Used to being the one who redefines the definition of predator and prey, Sapphire’s world abruptly shatters when a gruesome ‘gift’ arrives for her at the Beverly Hills Country Club. With her involuntary crush, handsome Detective Aston Ridder, close on her tail, Sapphire now has to rethink her routine strategy and figure out how to capture a killer who already knows she’s coming.
What I didn't like:   I've already mentioned that my copy of this book didn't get transferred to my Kindle in the best condition and I assume the finished product will not have the same problems.  The only other problem I had was with Sapphire's rich friends but they toned down a bit towards the end.  

What I liked:  Sapphire.  She's plucky and smart, but not always.  And I loved the idea of a beautiful woman setting traps for serial killers and, of course, catching them.  Then there's the tension between Sapphire and the brash detective.  He's such unlikable character, but he had his moments.

This was Ms. Thompson's first book and she did an amazing job.  Stalking Sapphire is a first-rate thriller.  I'm looking forward to the 2nd in the series.

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