Friday, April 19, 2013

The One More Thing

by Anne Perry

A stand-alone from one of my favorite authors who writes two wonderful mystery series - Thomas & Charlotte Pitt and my favorite, William Monk.
And then there's her WWI series that I loved.  I have another stand-alone, The Sheen on the Silk, which is set in the Byzantine Empire that I can't wait to curl up with.

The One More Thing is set during the French Revolution - a time period that intrigues me and I've read several books about.  This book deals with a murder that took place in a family home.  The investigation only covers a period of weeks, but the Revolution sets the stage for the goings on.

 I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Perry provided a fascinating window into history and people's lives during this part of the Revolution.  Again, I found myself grateful to be a woman, living in America.

I never am able to figure out who the murderer is and this case there were only a handful of people to choose from.  A very interesting novel and a good mystery.  I suggest you give it a read.

One more thing before closing.  Covers interest me and I would like to know what kind of discussion goes into choosing the one for American audiences.  Very seldom are they as interesting as those for European and Canadian audiences.

* I received a copy of The One Thing More from NetGalley in exchange for my review.  No other compensation was received.

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Zibilee said...

I do really like this time period, and know very little about it, despite being a historical fiction nut. It sounds like a really promising book for me. I liked the way you covered it today. You shared what you loved about it, but didn't say too much, and ruin the suspense for a possible reader. All of this makes me even more intrigued!