Sunday, January 01, 2017

First Book of the Year

I want to join with Sheila in celebrating the first book of 2017.  I love this idea!  How perfect to celebrate our ability to read and the many, many possibilities enticing our minds and imaginations.  It's good to pause and reflect on the literary gifts available to us.  And from all those shelves of books to have the freedom to choose which one we will read to start the year.  The whole idea is humbling when we think of the magnitude of people who have been denied our joy.

I am starting off this new year with Liane Moriarty's Truly Madly Guilty.  Even though I have been sick for four days straight and am still feeling raunchy I am going to brave the picture-taking.  Then I'm going to use my not-always-muddled-but-right-now-muddled brain to figure out how to get it on this post.  Can't be that hard.  People do it all the time!

I did it!  I had to use my lips and nose to balance the kindle while I click the camera on the phone. 

 Looking forward tomorrow at seeing what everyone else is reading.  Click on the bar above to see for yourself.

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