Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Prince Caspian

By C.S. Lewis
Another great addition to the Chronicles of Narnia series.
The Pevensie children are called back to Narnia, where hundreds of years have passed since their last visit, and the once glorious land has fallen to ruin. Together with Prince Caspian and the mighty Aslan, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy must conquer the evil Telmarines and liberate Narnia. Prince Caspian becomes the rightful King.

A note about the cover picture I like to use when posting my reviews on the Narnia books - This is not what the cover of my book looks like, it's just my preferred cover. Mine is one BIG chunkster that contains all seven books in the series. I did try to order a set that had this cover, but what came in the mail was not what was advertised. I sent them back, along with my reason, and the picture for the ad was changed the next day.

The artist for these covers is Chris van Allsburg of Polar Express and Jumanji fame and one of my favorite, The Mysteries of Harris Burrdick. He has written and illustrated many children's books. He has also illustrated several covers of different editions of the Narnia books, including all three shown in this post. Sometimes a bookstore will include the illustrator along with C.S. Lewis's name. Since the inside illustrations are by Pauline Baynes, you may see her name instead of Allsburgs.


Joy said...

I have the big one with all the books in it too! Do you have the one with the witch on it or with Aslan? I got the one with Aslan on it, then saw the one with the witch and wished I'd gotten that one instead! This is such a great series!

Framed said...

I have three of the series in paperback, but the artwork, while pleasing, is not nearly as wonderful as the ones you featured.

Booklogged said...

Shannon, My copy, rather my daughter's copy, has the lion on it. Haven't seen the one with the witch.

Framed, I would sure like the complete series with the first picture on it, but I could be happy with them if they had the last picture, too.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I love this whole series. I think it's a shame when people just read the first one and call it quits - they're missing out on a lot.