Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kill Again

by Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene

I'm not finished with this book yet.  In fact, I'm only four or five chapters in but I am so excited about it I wanted to write down some of my early thoughts.

We start of in the killer's basement apartment where he's writing on the wall.  He is obsessed with words.  After two pages I felt the tension and knew this was a scary man.

Then we switch to scanty tidbits about Claire.  She is a psychiatrist, she is co-teaching a class about serial killers to future law enforcement officers, and she has been taking a break from work for several months or longer, and is just starting back to work.  Ian, Claire's fiance, is missing from her life - don't know if he's dead or if they split up.  And she had a reoccurring nightmare as a child that has started back up in the last two weeks.

Can you understand why this book has a grip on my attention?!  But wait, there's more.  She has just introduced the idea of epigenitics to her students.  I didn't know right off what that was but being a retired biology teacher, I was intrigued.  Plus, sometime in the last year my husband mentioned an article he had read about life pressures altering our genes and those genes being passed on.  My first thought was the scriptures that talk about God visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon their children unto the 3rd and 4th generations.  I have always believed God works in natural ways and this idea could scientifically explain those scriptures.

I still don't know much about Epigenitics but I'm going to be looking it up and discovering more about it - that is, if it does exist as a scientific theory.

I'm hoping there are previous books by these authors.  Also hoping that this book continues to hold my apt attention throughout.

**July 2, 2015**   I finished the book.  No further mention of epigenetics which saddened me.  I did discover from internet searches that epigenitics is a scientific theory and I will continue to do further research about it.

And I discovered that these authors have a previous book that also features Dr. Claire Waters.  It's titled, Kill Switch and, yes, it is ordered and on its way to my house.

Kill Again held my interest to the end.  I felt like it wrapped up rather quickly but the rest of the book was suspenseful.

* I received a copy of Kill Again  from NetGalley and Kensington Books in exchange for my review.  No other compensation was received.


Mystica said...

Sounds edge of the seat good. Thanks for update.

Booklogged said...

Mystica, it still holding my attention half way through. And I like the main characters.