Thursday, October 29, 2015

If Anything Should Happen

by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Introducing radio talkshow host and amateur sleuth Kit Doyle in the first of this thoroughly entertaining mystery series.

When Kit Doyle’s near-perfect mother tells her about the letter she’s written and locked away – a letter to be read only ‘if anything should happen’ to her – Kit thinks she’s being melodramatic. But the next day Kit’s mother is dead – and what she reads in that letter will change Kit’s life forever.

Armed with nothing but the secret letter, a tight-lipped father, and some good friends at the radio station where she works, Kit sets out to learn the truth about the shady past her mother has kept hidden for so many years.

But when a dead body turns up, Kit realizes that at least one person is determined to stop her finding out the truth – whatever it takes.

I think I would have like this story better if there wasn't a gaping hole, a major event that happened near the beinning that is never addressed.  Kit's mother tells her about the letter in the safe and then the next day the mother is dead.  The mother is beautiful, healthy, trim and fit, but passes away at 51.  This is the women who raised Kit and who Kit believed was her biological mother and yet Kit doesn't mourn the loss and nobody even questions the death.  What?!

You need to know that I only read half the book, so maybe something develops in the last half but I don't think so - at least, I didn't get that impression from any of the reviews I read.  I can understand that Kit is anxious to find answers to the secret her mother reveals in the letter, but I still thing there should be some thought for her mother and some investigation into her death.  

I just couldn't connect with the story that was happening because of the story that got left behind. If you have read the book or do so in the future, let me know if I should finish it.  All the reviews I've read so far are praiseworthy with high ratings, so maybe I'm giving up too soon.

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