Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Magic of Jello

I love reading cookbooks and looking through the pictures.  And even though I don't cook often I do enjoy adding a sticky note to recipes that look yummy and are easy to make.  If they promise to be worth the effort I will occasionally spend the time necessary to wow my family with something special.  For instance, I don't bake cookies but I have to try the Gingerbread People because they are made with butterscotch pudding!

I have tried and loved many of the recipes in this books or variations of the recipes.  My mom use to make Sunset Salad every time she served Sloppy Joes.  Sunset Salad is orange Jello with shredded carrots and crushed pineapple stirred in.  Sometime mom would add cabbage instead of the pineapple.  We loved it.

This book includes lots of kid friendly ideas like Worm Cake, Witches Brew, No-Drip Pops, and a favorite treat of my family - Jigglers.  Remember Jello doesn't have any fat and is low in calories but high in flavor so it's perfect for kids treats.

Another family favorite is Poke Cake.  This book includes a recipe for Rainbow Cake which is a layered cake with each layer featuring a different color Jello.  Every year for his birthday, my husband requests Raspberry Poke Cake frosted with Cool Whip.

Something I haven't tried yet is Slurpies made with Jello and Ginger Ale (or pop of choice).  The picture looks like shaved ice from one of those expensive stands.

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Susanna Di Milo said...

Looks interesting I hadn't considered jelly to be so versitile