Monday, May 28, 2007

The Horse and His Boy

by C.S. Lewis
I am so glad I decided to read all the books in the Narnia series. I'm enjoying each one so much.

"The tale begins with a poor slave boy named Shasta escaping from his adopted fisherman father who plans to sell him to a brutish stranger. A dignified talking war horse named Bree helps Shasta flee. The horse and his boy hope to travel north to Narnia, and encounter numerous adventures and strange characters. The most memorable supporting characters are another escaped child, a tough girl named Aravis, and her talking mare called Hwin." -The School Library Journal


tanabata said...

I reread the whole series a few years ago, and like you, really enjoyed it. It was fun to revisit the books that I'd loved as a child.

Debi said...

I've never read any of them...shame on me! I'd really do hope to one of these days. My daughter read them all a few years ago, and was totally captivated!

Imani said...

This book along with The Silver Chair were my favourites out of the whole lot. Your image is the cover of the edition I read when I was at boarding school. Brings back memories. :)

I visited you because of Dewey's blogroll game over at Hidden Side of a Leaf.

Anonymous said...

that's exactly the edition I read when I was an early teen. Thanks for posting that cover!

Great quote in that book about why the lion pursued them to the city. Great quote... I forget it now but it IS a great quote!

Framed said...

I just bought this but I don't know when I'll get it read. I love the cover on your edition.

Jeane said...

This was always one of my favorites in the series, too! My second favorite was The Magician's Nephew.