Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Bookman's Wake

by John Dunning

I read Booked to Die earlier in the year and really liked the writing, the mystery and the main character. I knew then that I would want to read more books in the Cliff Janeway series. When Verbivore came up with the Reading the Author Challenge I didn't have to make any hard decisions on which author I would read.

The Bookman's Wake was the New York Time's notable book of the year in 1995 and was even better than Booked to Die, which makes me even more excited to read the other 3 books in the series.

The lead character is a Denver policeman who retired to open up a used book store. He's also a book scout who becomes embroiled in murder cases. This time he is coaxed into going to Seattle to track down a young book thief and possible murderer.

A few passages that stood out at the time I read them:
"Forget what you thought you knew and maybe you'll learn something."

"I read somewhere that fiction's the only way you can really tell the truth."

"Lighter fluid is one of the book scouts's major tools, used for removing stickers from book jackets safely and without a trace. Paper can be soaked in it without getting stained, wrinklet, or otherwise damaged, unless someone remembers what lighter fluid's really for and sets it on fire."
I like the references to books and the interesting tidbits about book scouting. Of course, if that's all these books promised I probably wouldn't read anymore. Dunning does a wonderful job of building his characters and developing a thoughtful mystery. I look forward to book 3, The Bookman's Promise.


Les said...

My husband's read all of these and said they're wonderful. I don't know why it's taking me so long to add them to my stacks! I will. Most certainly in 2008! That's my New Year's resolution. :)

1morechapter said...

I didn't read past this one but hope to get to them sometime!

Framed said...

I think I've read at least three of the series and really liked them. I just don't remember which ones I read and which I need to read.

Eva said...

Sounds neat! And I live near Denver.:)

Anonymous said...

It's a good series. I stopped somewhere along the line too. One of these days I'll finish it up.

Mo said...

I enjoyed this one too - also, better than the first - and am looking forward to reading "The Bookman's Promise"...if only I could get my hands on it somewhere!

Booklogged said...

Les, I think you'll enjoy them.

3M, It's hard to get to all the books we want to, isn't it?

Framed, you must have read them in the days before blogging. It's nice that blogging helps us keep track.

Booklogged said...

Eva, you would really enjoy reading about the book stores and you'd recognize the streets, etc. He's never mention The Tattered Corner (isn't that the name of the multi-story bookstore by the mall south of Denver?) The 2nd one took place in Seattle.

Carrie, I like that there's only 5 in the series. It feels like you can actually see an end in sight. Of course, that also means there's an end and that may be sad when I get there.

Mo, I'm going to put my copy up to be mooched when I finish it. Do you do bookmooch?