Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2nds Challenge Completed

I've been introduced to some amazing authors this year. Thanks to Joy's encouragement I read a 2nd book by three of these authors.

The authors and books I chose are
1. John Dunning's The Bookman's Wake
2. Jan Burke's Goodnight, Irene (Which actually book one in the series. I happily stumbled across book 5 or 6 earlier this year.)
3. Katherine Hall Page's Body in the Kelp

All three are authors of mysteries. I'm quite sure I'll be reading more books by these authors.


Literary Feline said...

Congratulations on completing the challenge! I am all done too, just need to write up my review for my final book and the wrap up. I'm looking forward to reading Goodnight, Irene this next year.

Joy said...

Congrats! I'm glad you enjoyed your second helpings. :)

Eva said...

With a title like The Bookman's Wake, I had to click through and read your review. Sounds like a really neat series!

Nan said...

I love the Bookman series, but haven't read the last couple.