Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Sign of the Book

by John Dunning

I am enjoying this mystery series immensely. The Sign of the Book is number four in the Cliff Janeway/Bookman series. The well-read and articulate Jenclair directed me to this series and I will always be grateful.

Cliff Janeway is a former cop turned used book dealer. He has a relationship with Erin D'Angelo who is a highly respected lawyer. Together they are called upon to help solve the mystery of who killed Erin's former boyfriend. All signs point to Erin's high school best friend who had an affair with Erin's boyfriend, Bobby, and ended up marrying him.

As with the previous books in this series, there are unexpected twists in the plot and there are fun tidbits about book collecting. Someone commented on one of my earlier reviews of a Janeway novel that these sounded like good cozy mysteries. I wouldn't classify them as typical, light cozy mysteries. This series is a little more hard-boiled and well-crafted.

Only one more book's left in the series and that makes me sad. I wish there were lots more. I guess I'll be looking into some of Dunning's other work when I finish the Janeway series.


Joy said...

The good news is ... I have a lot of fun to look forward to! (I haven't read any of them yet.)

There's just NOT ENOUGH TIME!!!

Stephanie said...

I just started Booked To Die yesterday. I'm only about 40 pages in, but I can tell already I'm going to like it!!

Good to hear the rest of the series is worth reading!

Bobby D. said...

Something new for me. Thanks!

Carrie K said...

It is a good series.

Elaine said...

I was tipped off about these last year and of course read the lot straight through. I really should not do that but afraid I do!